SWT is pronounced SWEET, because we are naturally sweet.

We are an interdisciplinary team of sweetness fanatics born from entrepreneurships in Chile and Mexico.  What unites us is our common passion: producing stevia leaves and extracts, as well as natural sweetness solutions, that offer reduced calories and great taste to our customers.
How were we born?

We realized that, around the world, too much sugar is added to foods. We saw the need to reduce calories in a 100% natural way, without affecting the taste of the products we love.

We looked all over the world and found a sweetener called stevia, which comes from the plant Stevia rebaudiana, native to Paraguay.

What did we create?

The first organic stevia production process that is 100% aqueous at all stages of extraction and purification.

We took on a big challenge: to maintain the purity of stevia from leaf to final extract. We developed the first organic process for extracting and purifying this wonderful sweetener without using any alcohol or enzymes. In fact, our stevia is 100% purified in water. Thus, anyone who wants to sweeten a cup of tea, a cake, or a fruit juice, can do it 100% naturally and with less calories.

Who are we today?

Our present status in natural sweeteners.

We have been working hard for ten years to further develop and improve our purification processes. We are involved not only from the cultivation to the production of stevia extracts but also in supporting our customers in the formulation of products and solutions for low-calorie sweetness.

We provide stevia extract to customers in Latin America, USA, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. We stock up on high-quality stevia leaf in more than five countries on two continents. We supply more than 30 corporate customers, and we have had successful products on the market for more than eight years.

In addition, we have over 100 direct employees (35 in our headquarters, 65 between services and Mexico), and many more through fields and other services.


Here are some


that makes us proud
Where are we going?

We want to continue delivering healthy sweetness of excellent quality, always in accordance to our principles; honesty, consistency, sustainability and responsibility. We also want to develop new technologies and travel the world to select and purify new natural sweeteners, without altering their nature, and we want to integrate them into more flavorful and healthier formulations.

We want our number of fans to grow every day, as it has so far. We want each member of our team to continue perfecting their skills, exploring, and specializing in their areas. We also want to develop more and better quality jobs in all areas of our company, from the crops up to the processing of extract and formulation of our customer’ s food.

Did you know that the intense sweetness of stevia's provides more sweetness and produces fewer greenhouse gases per drop of sweeteness compared with others sweetners?

One of our greatest challenges is sustainability. We measured our footprint of water and carbon in the environment. We seek to improve it, year after year. According to other carbon footprint records reported by people of the same industry, we have the lowest carbon footprint per ton of extract produced; TonCO2 0.23 / Ton Equivalent Sweetness.

We want to bring healthier sweetness ever further in quality and nutritional profile. Being loyal to your expectations is our commitment, and we live by our statement: we do what we say on every label and in every drop of sweetness.