Through an internal investigation project, supported by Wageningen University and the Catholic University of Chile between 2012 and 2014, SWT has collaborated in the development of methods to detect adulteration of stevia products, in order to guarantee the authenticity of products sweetened with stevia. While both stevia extracts, as formulated with steviol glycosides products can be detected using methodologies HPLC methodology was developed with mass spectrometry LC MS MS, whereby it can be distinguished unequivocally when the formulations include glycosides steviol, no matter how complex the formula, synthetic or artificial sweeteners. The methodology allows to avoid false positives that can be observed on HPLC to identify artificial sweeteners such as steviol glycosides or vice versa.

The methodology is available to the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, in collaboration with the American Federation of Stevia, has started to deliver the service Seal of Authenticity Products sweetened with Stevia. The Pontifical Catholic University, in conjunction with certification houses, taking care allow certify the chain of custody, which labeled as sweetened with stevia sweetened products are really this way and not with other sweeteners not labeled. This corresponds to a seal of authenticity that will have the support of the American Federation of Stevia.