According to the latest guidelines used by some companies engaged in both the production of intense artificial sweeteners, as intensive and non intensive sweeteners derived from corn and other crops, in terms of developing the production of sweet molecules identical to those existing in stevia leaves, but through the use of genetically modified microorganisms (yeast), SWT has considered relevant to certify its own production method in order to provide consumers of full transparency about the way it’s stevia extracts are produced.

For that purpose, SWT has extended for the second consecutive year the external certification by Bureau Veritas  which ensures that the extraction and purification process conducted by the company to produce Stevia Extracts does not use organic solvents or enzymes of no kind at all. At the moment, the company is expanding the certification in order to include the fact that No Genetically Modified Organisms are involved in the production of its extracts.

The Certification, which is an ISO CASCO 5 Certification for specific attributes, is granted by Bureau Veritas, and includes non announced visits and inspections to the production site, in which all operations and documentation of the company are reviewed, ensuring that what is communicated is completely consistent with the operation reality.