SWT recently participated in the VIII International Congress of Kaa Hee Stevia, organized by REDIEX Paraguay and the Paraguayan Chamber of Stevia. During the congress, the companies belonging to the International Stevia Council (organization that includes several companies including Pure Circle, Cargill, Stevia One and Granular, among others), held a series of explanatory presentations on new technologies for producing steviol glycosides, either by enzymatic as from genetically modified yeasts fermentation, as an alternative to stevia extracts obtained from the plant without being chemically modified.

The American Stevia Federation concluded that key players of the business, including companies and institutions, must establish mechanisms which allow a proper analytical differentiation, as well as specific labeling informing consumers about the differences between extract from the plant and those products produced in genetically modified organisms (such as yeasts or other organisms) or chemically modified by enzymes.  This would provide consumers with the necessary tools to make an informed decision at the moment of their consumer goods purchase.