We produce the PUREST STEVIA in the world, as we purify the sweet molecules of stevia without the use of harsh chemical processing.

We provide the natural Stevia you want. Because it is 100% purified with water and also has high level external certifications which proves that we do what we say.

Our leaf supply

Safety and quality from the origin.

The stevia leaf is the main character of our story. It represents the sweetness profile that we want to bring to your table; selecting the leaves is key in the production of a top-notch extract.

We grow stevia in Mexico and the United States of America. Also, we collaborated with other growers in Latin America and Asia. In Peru, we participate of a Global Gap Certified organic crop.

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Agrostevia leads in agricultural technologies including planting, agricultural management, and a detailed control of harvest and post-harvest management. Our company develops additional long-term supply chain partnerships in more than five countries, in Latin America and Asia. Moreover, all the batches of leaves used for the extraction must pass strict quality standards, among including pesticide control according to the German standards S 15 and S 19.  

Our Purification Process

A noble and honest process.

We innovate in a purification process that provides the sweetness of stevia as authentically as possible. Our process is unique in the world; it is 100% water-based and does not use any alcohols or enzymatic modifications. This approach allows us to get the sweet essence of the leaves with similar processes and filtration techniques to those used in the natural juice industry. This technology enables us to recover 1.5 times more sweetness of stevia than other processes used in industry, and it is done with the highest quality standards.

Our Certifications

We do what we say, and it is certified by highly reputed external agencies.

Our customers claim honesty, so every word that we published in our presentations to regulatory authorities, or in our communications to customers is supported by external certifications that validate what we do. We focus on three areas to certify our operation:

  • Food Safety: We hold the FSCC 22.OOO (Global Food Safety Initiative) and HACCP certifications. In addition, we have organic certified crops in Chiclayo, Peru; and in North Carolina, USA.

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  • Cultural Certification: We are Kosher certified by one of the strictest and most respected Israeli organizations, Badatz Jerusalem. We are also Halal certified by the Islamic Institute of Chile, which guarantees that no alcohol is used during the purification process.
  • Certifications to guarantee that we do that we say: We are certified by Bureau Veritas with the ISO Casco 5 standard, which verifies that our production of stevia extracts is performed solely by using water as a solvent without any alcohols nor enzymes. Furthermore, we do not produce our extracts from GMO organisms.
    We believe that the guarantees we offer meet our customers’ and clients’ expectations. In addition, we are proud to be founding members of the American Stevia Federation. Through this organization, we have been involved in guarantees to assure our customers’ satisfaction: Guaranteed supply in Latin America and guaranteed supply in any specific country. Recently, we led the development of a Certificate of Authenticity of Stevia in consumer goods, an initiative aimed at eradicating the adulteration of sweetened products from the American market.