Our Solutions Portfolio is Stevia sweetness pure quality.

Our sweetness portfolio consists of high quality stevia solutions. Within our broad portfolio of products, we have SWT solutions to sweeten any kind of food or drink.

    Stevia Pure Standard / Clear

    At SWT we know that some of our customers need to deal with diseases such as diabetes and obesity and they want to do it in a natural way. Our pure stevia extract, both in the regular and organic versions, achieves this mission, because it is extracted 100% from stevia leaves, and purified to 95 % of stevia glycosides without using any alcohols or enzymes.

    This line of products includes 2 sweetness solutions:

    Stevia Pure Standard: Suitable for low and medium sugar replacement with a balanced sweetness temporal profile. Available as powder or syrup.

    Stevia Pure Clear: Suitable for high sugar substitutions without presence of off-flavors, liquorice and bitterness. Available as powder or syrup.


    Naturalight 0.5 / 1.0 / Syrups

    A set of solutions for a healthy and balanced diet, combining the sweetness of stevia extract and sugar. We provide integrated solutions of sugar and stevia (with your brand name), both for industrial use and direct sales, in different formats. They can be delivered to the door of your factory in South America, North America, Europe, Israel and the Middle East, or New Zealand. This line has 3 solutions:

    Naturalight 0.5: Blend of sweeteners where half (50%) of the sweetness is provided by sugar and the other half by stevia extract. It is crystalline and keeps the same sweetness functionality of sugar, keeping the same sweetness profile, without bitterness and contributing to the structure of the food. It can replace any level of sweetness in the food, just as sugar.

    Naturalight 1.0: Blend of sweeteners where 75% of the sweetness is delivered by stevia extract, and the remaining is added by sugar. It is crystalline and has the same appearance of sugar. It is suitable to provide any required sweetness level in food, with a slightly delayed time intensity profile. It also contributes to the food structure.

    Syrups Naturalight: Reduced-sugar syrups. For a direct use as syrup or sauce in multiphase foods (puddings, pies, cakes) or in food formulations. It provides viscosity, texture, and flavor, depending on specific requirements. Furthermore, it keeps its properties when it is in contact with other phases of the food.


    Naturalysa MK / Choc / CRSOL / IM / TT

    At SWT, we understand that a sugar reduction involves significant challenges in terms of sweetness substitution, structure, acidity balance, taste, and stability. For these issues, we have developed a product line that facilitates sugar replacement without losing any of its roles in the food. This line has 5 sweetness solutions:

    Naturalysa MK: Pre-mix based on stevia extract enabling the reduction of up to 100% of added sugar in dairy products.

    Naturalysa Choc: Pre-mix based on stevia extract enabling the reduction up to 75% of sugar in chocolate beverage powder.

    Naturalysa CRSOL: Pre-mix based on stevia extract enabling the reduction of up to 100% of sugar in fat matrices and spreads

    Naturalysa IM: Pre-mix based on stevia extract enabling the reduction of up to 75% of sugar in multiple applications. It does not provide structure.

    Naturalysa TT: Product based on stevia extract to be used as a calorie-free tabletop sweetener.


    Natural NF / VB

    At SWT we know that excellence is in the details. Therefore, we have developed a line of flavors to improve the profile of sweetness resulting from the integration of the Stevia extract.This line has 2 sweetness solutions:

    Naturalysa NF: Natural flavor used to balance the taste profile of dairy products sweetened with stevia extract.

    Naturalysa BV: Natural flavor used to balance the taste profile of soft drinks, water and juices sweetened with stevia extract.

Food Aplications

We see every food as a world of opportunity. For each type of food, we have developed a SWT solution that reduces sugar content in a safe and healthy way.