Together with the University of Wageningen and the Catholic University of Chile, SWT has developed between 2012 and 2014 an extensive research in understanding the phenomena of sweetness perception, learning the interactions of stevia with other sweeteners and identifying how stevia connects with the tongues sweet receptors. During the investigation, we worked in various fields of action, from the development of several models of sweetness, which incorporate stevia, sugar and other ingredients, as well as sensory evaluation of these systems. With the same objective, we developed a state of the art sensory panel for the evaluation of products formulated with stevia, which have managed to eliminate the “carry over” effect between samples, a critical issue to validate an assessment of products sweetened with stevia. The panel is enabled for sensory evaluation of sweet products for the industry, not only for stevia but for all sweeteners, and has been an important contribution to the community.

Furthermore, we worked in the modeling and understanding of how the sweetener receptor interaction for both sweetness and bitterness receptors occurs.

The knowledge developed has allowed SWT sweeteners design and implement systems currently included in product portfolios.