Our customers need the highest standards not only in our products, but also in our promise. Each word of what is included in our presentations to regulatory bodies, customer communications or any other public information stands on rigorous certifications.

Food Safety and Organic Certifications
We hold a FSSC 22000 Certification (Global Food Safety Initiative) and HACCP Certification. In addition, we have organic certified extract and leaves produced in Peru and the US.

Certifications that guarantee the Integrity of our Natural Promise
We are certified to the ISO Casco 5 Standard, which verifies that our production of stevia extracts is run solely in aqueous conditions, without the use of alcohols or enzymes. Furthermore, we do not produce our extracts from GMO stevia varieties.

We believe that our guaranteed certified standards, align our offer with our customer expectations and demands, in an era where transparency and consistencyis one of the key values asked by consumers
to the food industry. Together with this, we are founding members of the American Stevia Federation and co developers of one of the highest standards for adulteration detection, which guarantees our American continent sourced supply, and materialises our commitment with the stevia industry development in the Americas, together with the fight against adulteration.

Cultural Certification
We are Kosher certified by one of the strictest and most respected Israeli Organizations, Badatz Jerusalem. We are also Halal certified by the Islamic Institute of Chile, which guarantees that no alcohol is used during the purification process.

Application for Certifications

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