“We design sweetness. We take only natural, unaltered sweetness from nature, combine it with creativity and create a unique sweetness for the project that you have in mind.”

100% Naturally
sweet solutions


Sugar reduction from
45% and 100% without
losing functionality

Balanced sweetness
in intensity, microbiota
and calorific intake

We innovate

In an alcohol-free and enzyme-free purification process
taking care of every detail from the field to the final product


Stevia and our Metabolism

Have you wondered how do we “sense” sweetness in our mouths?  Do all sweeteners interact with our body in the same way?
Does stevia has calories or raises our insulin levels? Does stevia has any interaction with different parts of our body, or only in our mouths?
Learn briefly about how stevia sweeteners interact with our cells, and how it is metabolized until it is degraded and excreted. 

Pushing the boundaries in search of the perfect, healthy sweetness

Thanks to our expert team involved in every step of the growing process, SWT Stevia are finding new ways to extract the maximum from every plant, while conserving our trademark 100% natural water-based processing system.