“We design sweetness. We take only natural, unaltered sweetness from nature, combine it with creativity and create a unique sweetness for the project that you have in mind.”

100% Naturallysweet solutions


Sugar reduction from45% and 100% withoutlosing functionality

Balanced sweetnessin intensity, microbiotaand calorific intake

We innovate

In an alcohol-free and enzyme-free purification processtaking care of every detail from the field to the final product


Eating for mental health: How a great diet can help you to feel better physically and mentally

Making sure that the body receives a balanced diet does more than just help keep you physically healthy. Emerging research suggests that proper nutrition also plays a role in good mental health.

The development of the Stevia plant

Beginning in 2017 with 10,000 varieties, SWT has carefully selected the 50 best strains of stevia to cultivate in our fields, prioritising the production of glycosides to give our extracts the best and most natural flavours, all without any added chemicals or enzymes in our processes.