“We design sweetness. We take only natural, unaltered sweetness from nature, combine it with creativity and create a unique sweetness for the project that you have in mind.”

100% Naturallysweet solutions


Sugar reduction from45% and 100% withoutlosing functionality

Balanced sweetnessin intensity, microbiotaand calorific intake

We innovate

In an alcohol-free and enzyme-free purification processtaking care of every detail from the field to the final product


Proudly local: Why staying local from the first seed to the last mile of the stevia chain matters

At SWT, we believe in helping our communities to thrive. We produce our stevia in local markets throughout the Americas, and we always ensure that our supply chains draw from local businesses.

Why should we make Stevia our future?

Recently, the possibility of producing the sweetness molecules through GMO microorganisms using sugar and corn derivatives as a carbon source, has become a commercial reality. In such a model, the stevia crop could be totally substituted. Avoiding the stevia crop on behalf of sourcing steviol glycosides from traditional crops seems to us a major decision that is likely to shape the future of our industry. This ultimately makes it necessary to choose whether we believe that biodiversity is important, or whether the convenience of continuing to grow just commercially viable staple crops such as wheat, soya and sugar is worth the long-term damage, if it yields the same traditional comforts to consumers and producers.