“We design sweetness. We take only natural, unaltered sweetness from nature, combine it with creativity and create a unique sweetness for the project that you have in mind.”

100% Naturallysweet solutions


Sugar reduction from45% and 100% withoutlosing functionality

Balanced sweetnessin intensity, microbiotaand calorific intake

We innovate

In an alcohol-free and enzyme-free purification processtaking care of every detail from the field to the final product


WHO recommendations on NNS: Are we overlooking a huge opportunity?

The United Nations has commissioned a report on non-nutritional sweeteners as a tool for public health control and a new frontier on the war against obesity and non-communicable disease.

Eating for mental health: How a great diet can help you to feel better physically and mentally

Making sure that the body receives a balanced diet does more than just help keep you physically healthy. Emerging research suggests that proper nutrition also plays a role in good mental health.