How we work: Turning ideas into a delicious reality

Helping to lead the sugar replacement healthy revolution is sometimes more complex than it sounds. Our 4-stage production cycle allows us to create advanced products that offer your consumers the same tastes and textures that have made yourbusiness a success, while ensuring that your business finds an expert partner that is committed to your success.

There is nothing more important than working with people who understand the challenges that you face, and how best to overcome them. Sharing a passion for outstanding food and drink, with an unwavering commitment to creating a healthier future, SWT is a natural choice for any business looking to play a leading role in the global health and nutrition revolution.


  1. From your ideas to reality

The first stage of our development process comes directly from you. Using the product brief that you provide us; we identify how to best meet your needs and provide great-tasting products with all the healthy sweetness you would expect. With cutting edge, sustainable technology, our development team is able to identify ways to ensure that the goods you produce will remain almost identical, but with significant reduction of sugars and fats. With our years of industry-leading expertise, you can be assured that working with SWT means working with a natural partner who shares your same desire for innovation and quality at every turn.


When our experts develop the formulas for your new or improved product lines, we always ensure that your intellectual property is respected and protected – we will never make information about our cooperation public, without your specific authorisation.


  1. Development and feedback

With our technical expertise, SWT can help you to reformulate both existing products and new market entries. From pastries, to drinks, to confectionary and even when modulating sweetness in savoury foods, our development teams have led the way in reducing fats and sugars, creating products that remain healthy but keep the sweetness that consumers continue to demand. As regulators in many markets make moves to mitigate unhealthy products on supermarket shelves, it is more important than ever to ensure that your products are placed to take advantage of sugar and sweetener taxes affecting competitors, as well as to fill emerging gaps in the market.


Thanks to our precise and highly specialised set of sweetening protocols, we can match any flavour profile that our partners require, using specially formulated mixes of natural sweeteners to achieve the exact flavours, all whilst ensuring a reduction in sugars. These have been created in tandem with leading research facilities in universities in Europe and South America – giving you access to literally a whole world of expertise.


  1. Marketing and collaboration

As soon as you are satisfied with the final prototypes, SWT can help you to move the next stage. Thanks to our outstanding reputation, we have forged excellent networks across global markets – including in the most challenging and creative environments. We can help tailor your product to any marketplace and any client base. We can create flavour profiles that match the needs of different regions and can create delicious sweetness solutions for even the most specialised markets and consumers.


  1. Co-packing and Launching, Feedback and Adjustment

As part of our final development step, SWT can support you in finding co-packers and assist in helping you to progress with your product launch – ensuring everything runs smoothly, and that your product is finished to your exacting standards. Thanks to our extensive experience in global product launches, we can predict, manage, and mitigate supply chain and development issues before they occur, allowing you to feel supported by a partner that is as invested in your success as you are.

If at any point you need to communicate directly with SWT, our expert support team is always ready to assist you in any task that you require.

As a responsible member of a reliable supply chain, choosing SWT is choosing success right from the very step. With natural, healthy sweetness in every detail, there is no better partner to take your product to the next level.

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