SWT confectionary products help make healthy sweetness a delicious reality

In addition to an amazing range of healthy, low-sugar products, SWT Stevia has unveiled a fantastic new range of delicious, healthy chocolate products.

While chocolate ranks amongst one of the most popular sweet treats in the world, it’s also a high source of sugar. By substituting the traditional cane sugars for stevia and other healthy and natural sweeteners however, SWT has managed to create chocolate that looks and tastes identical, but without the vast majority of the negatives that come with it.

“We believe that enjoying a healthy diet which includes responsible food choices, shouldn’t mean making sacrifices as a consumer, so we work tirelessly to ensure natural solutions to keep food tasting delicious, while at the same time allowing these treats to benefit our overall health” says Lizet Dircio, one of the R&D specialists in charge of product development at SWT.

For food producers, SWT solutions can offer these products in a variety of different applications – from standalone chocolate products to rich desserts and even in baked goods.

The range is extensive, with applications such as ice cream, baked goods, syrups and chocolate bars. Also as ingredients in jams and spreads all benefitting from SWT research and development. With almost endless applications, making a health directed switch away from sugars and towards stevia has become easier than ever.

Here are some of our industry-leading new products, which places healthy sugar reduction just at the reach of your hand:

No-added sugar chocolate bars


  • Dark chocolate (70 to 80% of cocoa)
  • Flavoured dark chocolate (mint, orange, saffron, coffee, caramel and sea salt)
  • Superfood boosted (quinoa, oats and vitamin-enriched bars)
  • Peanut Butter and vegan chocolate
  • Chocolate chips


No-added sugar syrups

SWT offers a wide range of no-added sugar syrup products – from traditional offerings like caramel, maple syrup and chocolate, to diverse new flavours such as strawberry, cherry and orange. These syrups products can be added to existing products as a method of reducing overall sugar content (making your classic product line healthier, without changing the flavour or texture), or can be used as stand-alone condiments and sauces to accompany other types of food.


Spreads, jams and marmalades

With a variety of chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla-style spreads already in our product portfolio, SWT has further refined its product line to offer you traditional in a variety of flavours. Choose from strawberry, pineapple, blackberry, summer fruits, apple and orange, with all of the flavour but a fraction of the sugar contents of traditionally-formulated jams and spreads.


No-added sugar cereal bars and cookies

With the rise of the on-the-go breakfast, offering genuinely healthy cereal bars and mid-morning snacks has never been more important. To help your company make a difference in nutrition improvements, SWT has reformulated many popular styles of snack bar in order to create a low-sugar alternative to what has traditionally been a sugar-laden market.

For those who prefer to eat later in the day, SWT has also recreated popular styles of brand-name biscuits and cookies, but with added nutritional benefits and reduced sugar and fat contents overall.

With mixes of cereal, fruit, chocolate chip and seed ingredients, breakfasts can taste delicious, fill you up and do you good all at the same time.

Besides designing chocolate and confectionary products that are lower in hydrogenated fats and unhealthy sugars than traditional confectionary, the team at SWT have also managed to create nutritionally enriched foodstuffs that are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, magnesium, iron and zinc. Our stevia-sweetened spreads and cereal bars are also high in prebiotic fibre, providing the basis for a healthier gut and a tastier diet.

Thanks to industry-leading experience, SWT has created all of this without affecting the texture and the flavour that consumers love. Our team of developers can help to add these benefits to existing products – helping you turn best sellers into high-quality superfoods without losing any of the organoleptic qualities that makes your food the food you love.