SWT developed a product line that allows you to replace sugar without losing sweetness, structure, acidity, flavor and stability in food.


At SWT we know that some of our customers need to deal with diseases such as diabetes and obesity and they want to do it in a natural way. Our pure stevia extract, both in the regular and organic versions, achieves this mission because it is extracted 100% from stevia leaves and purified to 95 % of stevia glycosides without using any alcohols or enzymes. The product fulfills the recent CODEX 2018 INS 960 a standards, identifying natural stevia extracts from fermented or enzymatically modified ones. This line of products includes sweetness solutions, available in powder or syrup, regular and organic version:

Stevia Pure Standard
Suitable for low and medium sugar replacement with a balanced sweetness temporal profile. Available as powder or syrup.

Stevia Pure Clear
Suitable for high sugar substitutions without the presence of any off-flavors, liquorice and bitter after tastes. Available as powder or syrup. All products are available as fine powders or granulated versions.

These blends are tailored made solutions for healthier balanced foods and drink applications that combine the natural sweetness of Stevia extracts with sugar. We deliver specific tailored made integral stevia and sugar reduction recipes for industrial use or private labeling for direct supplier applications. We source globally through distributors and locally in Chile, South America, Mexico, Central America and the US.

Naturalight 0.5
Combination of 50 % Stevia and 50 % sugar mix. It is crystalized and preserves the same function of the sugar, keeping a profile and sweetness with no bitterness, after taste, thus supporting the structure of your food or beverage. This Stevia blend has the ability to replace sugar and perform in your products as sugar would do, whilst delivering excellent sweetness with a substantial sugar and calorie reduction.

Naturalight 1.0
Is a combination where sweetness is provided majorly by Stevia (75%) and also by sugar (25%). This product can achieve high sweetness thresholds in applicatoins, providing a balanced sweetness time profile and part of the product structure.

Naturalight Syrups
These are a reduced sugars Stevia based syrups group used within direct syrup applications as a syrup or in sauce bases. These can be directly used in multi-phase products, such as flans, puddings, pound cakes and cakes, as well as in other product formulations. They provide viscosity, texture, sweetness and flavour in accordance to specific requirements, maintaining its properties when in contact with other food phases.

At SWT we understand that the reduction and replacement of sugars whilst maintaining flavour, structure, texture and acids stability comes with challenges. We have developed a range of tailor made sugar replacement Stevia blends which replace sugar partially or completely, without compromising the quality and sweetness of your foods or beverages.

Naturalysa MK
This is a premixed based Stevia extract used in total 100 % sugar reductions within dairy products.

Naturalysa Choc
This is a premixed based Stevia extract used to reduce the sugar in powdered based chocolate beverages by 75%.

Naturalysa CRSOL
This is a premixed based Stevia extract used in total 100 % sugar reductions within spreads and fat based food products.

Naturalysa IM
This is a premixed based Stevia extract used to reduce the sugar in a wide range of food products by 75 %. This range is tailored and does not contribute to the structure of the product.

Naturalysa TT
Formulation based in Stevia extract, free of calories, which is used as a table top sweetener. It is available in liquid, powder and tablet form.

At SWT we apply a sweet touch of excellence into every detail. With that ethos in mind we have created a range of flavours to support in the formulation of Stevia sweetened food and beverages that compliment, balance and refine the sweetness within a specific range of products.

Naturalysa NF
This is a natural flavour used to balance the taste profiles within Stevia sweetened dairy products.

Naturalysa BV
This is a natural flavour used to balance the flavour profile within stevia sweetened carbonated, still and fruit juice based beverage products.


SWT #1: Soft Drinks

Allows you to target your sugars content to achieve a range of 30 % to total sugar reduction in the formulation.
We also support with the carbonation process when needed, the acidity balance as well as the microbiological stability and foaming levels, whilst enhancing the sweetness quality.

Stevia Pure, Stevia Clear, Naturalysa NF BV

SWT #2: Milks and yogurts

Allows you to target your sugars content to achieve a range of 30 % to total sugar reduction.
We support you with the stabilty and shelf life of your products, as well as with the flavor profile andviscosity texture of dairy products.

Stevia Pure, Stevia Clear, Naturalysa MK, Naturalysa OFP, Naturalysa NF

SWT #3: Sweetened Cereals

Allows you to specifically target your sugars contentto achieve a range of 40 % to total sugar reduction.
We support you with the flavor stability of the cereal, along with the functionality and balance of the coatingsyrup, in order to ensure a nice glazing, structure and mouthfeel.

Stevia Pure, Naturalysa CRSOL

SWT #4: Jams and sweet spreads

Allows a range of sugar reductions that balances the texture, shine and sweetness of the jam or spread.
We are able to fully replace added sugar by combining specific tailor maid blends, which enhance the natural fruit sweetness and textures.

Naturalysa CRSOL

SWT #5: Flavoured waters

Solutions supporting sugar substitutions from 30% to full sugar reduction. We guarantee a balanced sweetness and flavour profile.
We assist you in a way that a full shelf life of the product is guaranteed and demostrated, maintaining sweetness, microbial stability, flavour profile and acidity along the period.

Stevia Pure, Stevia Clear, Naturalysa NF/ BV

SWT #6: Fruit Juices

We take advantage of the natural sweetness of fruits, matching a stevia formulation with the existing sugars which allows you to get a non added sugar juice or fruit drink, healthy and delicious.

Stevia Pure, Stevia Clear, Naturalysa NF/ BV, Naturalysa C

SWT #7: Cakes

Allows you to specifically target your sugars content to achieve a range from 30 % to total sugar reduction in cakes, pound cakes pastries, sweet buns, brownies and muffins, balancing the soft and spongy textures whilst securing shelf life and water activity, while enhancing the sweetness and flavour with sugar reductions.


SWT #8: Marshmallow

Allows you to target a partial or total sugar reduction, in a flagship high sugar product.
We supply formulated blends wich make possible sugar reduction whilst maintaining the overrun and texture of marshmallows.
Our Stevia blends ensure and guarantee shelf life, texture, water activity and sweetness of marshmallow products.

Stevia Pure, Naturalysa OFP

SWT #9: Chocolate

Our Stevia blends are designed for both bitter and milk chocolate bases, providing reduced calorie content whilst ensuring full sugar substitution, long lasting structure, no laxative effects, stability, shine and delivering a naturally clean sweet tasteprofile.

Naturalysa CRSOL

SWT #10: Walnuts and or Cocoa Spreads

We have created tailor made Stevia blends, sugar free, which fully match the profile of full sugar spreads, with calorie reductions up to 40%.

Naturalysa CRSOL

SWT #11: Cocoa Powder

We can achieve a substantial reduction in calories whilst at the same time enhancing the cocoa taste, with partial or full sugar reduction. We take care of solubility, encapsulation and structure of cocoa powder solutions.

Naturalysa Choc

SWT #12: Ice cream

We ensure the structure, overrun, and crystal texture of ice creams and gelattos.
We offer 50 % to full reductions in sugar content, without altering the organoleptic natural characteristics we all love in such an indulgent product

Stevia Pure, Naturalysa CRSOL