Purification Process

A rigorous and honest process

We have created a purification process which preserves the authenticity of the natural sweetness of our stevia.

Our process is one-of-a-kind, as our extraction and purification processes are 100% water based, and do not include any alcohol or enzymatic modifications. This approach allows us to recover the naturally sweet essence of the leaves with non-invasive filtration and purification process, like those used in the juice industry.

This technology enables us to recover 1.5 times more sweetness from stevia than alternative processes currently used in the industry, and it is completed in accordance with the highest quality and food safety standards.

Our process exerts one of the lowest carbon footprints in the stevia industry and equates to 0.23 tonnes of CO2e per 1 ton of sweetness compared to sugar production, and we are currently moving forward to reduce this figure even further. We have also made technological improvements in order to source 100% of our electrical energy used in the extraction production from certified renewable sources. In addition to this, we have also improved our production processes in order to reduce our water consumption by 50% per kg of extract since the end of 2018.