We understand that you do not need a product, but rather a healthy sweetness solution with excellent performance.

Analytical Services

SWT Stevia has more than a decade in supporting food and beverage companies with the development of analytical and sensory techniques to fully characterize and assess products during the development phase, which have been successfully launched afterwards into the marketplace. We have the capacity to characterize the physical chemistry of your formulations as well as the capabilities to support you in understanding the detailed content of sweeteners and flavours used in your products.

We have lead the development of HPLC and LC MS MS qualitative and quantitative methods for the characterisation of specific glycosides and adulterants. For this purpose we collaborate with external laboratories in China, Holland and with the United States Pharmacopeia, in order to provide globally recognized methodologies which allow the supervision of labelling transparency in the market.

Sensory Services

SWT Stevia has developed precise and specialized sensory characterization protocols of sweetened products formulated with mixtures of both natural and artificial sweeteners. This is the result of state of the art R&D Project developed together with the Catholic University of Chile (Flavour and Aroma Center) and Wageningen University.
Our research has provided an unmatched knowledge and execution in sensory panels related to sweetness, including several descriptors not included in usual sweetness characterizations, but critical to stevia sweetness. Together with this, we lead research in sweet and bitter receptor lines. We can guide the development of your products and validate the sensorial results along the process, by using:

  • Panels trained for sweetness, bitterness, liquorice and metallic flavour
  • Panels Time Intensity to generate the curves of sweetness that you need
  • Online assessment of sweetness profiles

Co Creation

We work together with companies and organizational teams to incorporate positive change innovation within foods and beverages.

We understand that in each product there is an opportunity to improve the naturalness and healthy properties with each consumer challenge we are presented with.

On the other hand we do not believe that natural, heathy sweetness and impossible ever sit in the same sentence. We are achievement driven and constantly innovating week by week creating new sugar reduced and sugar free taste platform applications that are cutting edge in our industry.

We believe in co-creation as this enables a truly dedicated combined understanding from all stakeholders involved in the Project and allows new specialty concepts to be created. This is a unique approach of ours we are pride ourselves on.

We provide our technical support at all timesto guarantee your confidence in our criteriaand recommend only the best.

Technical Support

At SWT we want to know what SWT solution meets your needs, and if we do not have one,
we will develop it for you.

Are you looking for a natural partner?
If so, you just found one. We are fans of natural sweetness, without chemical interventions! If this sweetening approach makes sense to you, we are sure you’ll like the way we do things. We cultivate and harvest our stevia leaves, and we purify the stevia using only water. Most importantly, we care about every drop of sweetness in your food.

Your goal is our challenge
We are aware that our stevia is the best, but we also want you to find this by yourself. We want to understand your project, understand your challenge, and listen to your sweetness needs. We want to put ourselves in your shoes for a better understanding on what you really need and how can we give you the best solution. We offer a broad portfolio of products from which you can choose a solution. We will help you to combine this solution perfectly with your food and beverages, making a unique product based on your needs.

We support you in the process
We follow you in every step that you take and are there when you need us. We give you our technical support always to ensure your confidence in our criteria and we recommend you the best solution. We will innovate with you. If you want to go further and expand your sweetness expectations in other new products, we will support you and provide you with ideas.

Sweetness is in every detail
We care that our sweetness solutions always arrive on time and with an excellent quality. Let us learn about your project, understand your challenges and listen to your sweetness needs