SWT: A Passion for Circular Economy

What would you do if you knew that the stevia plant provides 35X the sweetness that cane sugar delivers per hectare? And that the fully water process used to purify the stevia extracts allows water to be recycled with the same technology of sea desalinization, and to fractionate without the use of chemicals, not only the sweetness but also the noblest antioxidants that nature can deliver.

When your products are sweetened with SWT, it’s not just a sweetness of excellence. It is about the efficient use of land, water and taking advantage of every property and opportunity that the cultivation of this spectacular plant allows us to provide you. Because it is not about an ingredient. We sweeten the story behind your products.

Our story is the story of a passion to promote a model of cultivation and a circular economy, which generates jobs and dreams of life from the field to a yoghurt or a glass of milk. With the musical passion of the Deep South of the United States, once dedicated to Tobacco and now to our sweet story, through the colors of Mexico to the beauty of the Patagonia in Chile.

This is SWT Stevia.