Naturelly and SWT: Leading the healthy sweetness revolution together

In the crowded children’s drinks market, manufacturers are facing an increasingly severe problem: How do you successfully formulate a delicious drink aimed at young consumers, but also make sure that your product is great for both them and their wider environment?

With the NHS recommending that children under the age of 6 keep sugar consumption below 19g a day, it is more important than ever to ensure that products coming to market can align with the expectations of consumers and concerned parents alike.

For producers who are now facing UK government measures to deter consumers from making potentially unhealthy choices – such as the sugar tax introduced in 2018 – ensuring that new products are low-sugar by design can help to give them an edge when trying to outsell the competition.

Naturelly is one of the companies that has needed to find a solution to this conundrum. Founded by the Dempsey family, who dreamed of a low-mess, environmentally sustainable solution to products already on offer, the company grappled with the demand for a satisfying sweetness profile but also low calories and no added sugar.

This issue has been compounded by the requirements of the Naturelly target market. Lending itself easily to the shelves of high-end retailers, such as Waitrose, Ocado and Holland and Barrett, there was a natural assumption that these products would be good for children and also conforming to the strict sustainability standards that are fast becoming the norm.

The solution to their issues was to engage SWT Stevia. SWT have been able to lend their technical expertise to reformulate Naturelly products using Stevia Clear. This provides the balance of flavour and sweetness demanded by children, but also allows Naturelly to satisfy the demands of parents by creating a no added sugar product.

Using Stevia in place of traditional sweeteners and sugars allows producers to create a product that feels and tastes like the original recipe, but with few of the downsides of using cane sugar. Beyond simply being healthier, SWT Stevia allows companies to provide consumers with ethically sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients. For those who are looking to make sustainable choices in their regular shopping, SWT provides the perfect opportunity to make a real difference to themselves and those around them.

This reformulation has proved to be a success. Naturelly products have become top sellers and a hit with children and parents alike. As a company, Naturelly have won a host of awards, and are at the forefront of a revolution in healthy, sweet products that don’t cost the earth, or the health of the consumers who love them.

In testament to the excellent working relationship between both parties, Dean Dempsey, founder of Naturelly has called SWT “a pleasure to work with, always friendly, supportive with a nothing is impossible attitude. We have sometimes requested difficult lead times from them, and they have always delivered.”

Additionally, SWT’s 100% non-GMO, all-natural production processes mean that happy children are enjoying nothing but wholesome ingredients. On top of this, the environmentally friendly effects of Stevia production over traditional cane sugars mean that every purchase of a Naturelly product is helping to protect the environment and to promote sustainable farming across Latin America and the United States.

As a result of the fantastic products that have come out of this venture, SWT and Naturelly are moving forward together to ensure that all future drinks and snacks continue to be as successful as their current line. As a thank you to SWT for their support, advice and success, Naturelly have helped to introduce a range of new commercial partners and allow stevia to redefine what is possible within the industry.