Pushing the boundaries in search of the perfect, healthy sweetness

Thanks to our expert team involved in every step of the growing process, SWT Stevia are finding new ways to extract the maximum from every plant, while conserving our trademark 100% natural water-based processing system.


The sun sets in Laurinburg, NC. Hal has analysed the different stevia leaves which are ripening in his crop and he drives home with a sweet taste in his mouth. It’s September and his plants are still accumulating the sweetness gathered from the sun, without showing any sign of flowering.  Delaying flowering is key to achieve a high accumulation of glycosides, and therefore granting sweet, delicious stevia leaves. When he thinks of ripening, he thinks of the natural process his leaves follow to achieve a perfect sweetness, out of enzymatic or biotechnology processes. That is the way stevia was meant to be.

Learning to get the maximum power out of every single leaf helps to make SWT Stevia the natural choice for healthy, sustainable sweetness. In order to make sure that we deliver the flavour you expect, coupled with the consistency and sustainability that set us apart from the competition, our teams of bio-scientists are constantly working to ensure that we find new ways to make the most of this incredible plant.

The stevia plant is a complex one. Producing stevia is a long and specialised process, requiring years of expert knowledge and understanding. Steviol glycosides are the natural compounds that give the stevia leaf its unique and exceptional tastes. These form the building blocks for our delicious SWT flavour and can be up to 300 times sweeter than cane sugar and other traditional non intense sweeteners. Considering the intensity of the sweetness provided by stevia plant sweeteners, and how our body specifically breaks up their molecules before excreting them, it is completely safe for diabetics and those pursuing a low sugar diet.

It is these compounds which we are looking to maximise in order to be able to ensure that every bite tastes better than ever and helps everyone who enjoys our stevia to live their best possible lives by eliminating unhealthy foods forever.

When the Stevia plant flowers – a natural part of the cultivation process, the number of glycosides reduces significantly. This makes the plant taste less sweet as a result and to stop accumulating glycosides. The flowering process has required us understand with precision which genetic mechanisms and environmental trigger this unique process of plants. By understanding deeply this phenomena, we have focused our  research in order to delay as much as possible this process and allow stevia plants to accumulate as much glycosides as possible, all whilst ensuring that the essential trace elements that stevia can help to deliver remain absolutely intact.

Our team at SWT is working to ensure that this flowering delay of the plant does not result in an inferior product for our customers, by employing cutting-edge plant selection techniques. Grafting plants and experimenting with different types of flower means that SWT stevia will always deliver high-quality and natural healthy sweetness, as well as lead research into hardier, more winter-resistant species of Stevia that can drive the sweetness revolution forward.

By understanding and grafting these plants, aging from only 10 days right up to 30, we are able to unlock the secrets of improved sweetness, which we can pass on to our partners through our natural refinery processes. The results of these examinations are analysed in our on-site laboratories using the plants themselves, and all our findings are used to improve our crops, to deliver better-than-ever products that provided sugar-free nutrition and nourishment.

In the fight for a healthy lifestyle, and in combatting obesity, diabetes and poor health in general, SWT are helping to create a plant for all seasons, which will deliver the very best in flavour while refusing to compromise on our 100% natural water-based refinery processes and maintain our commitment to zero-GMO usage in our stevia products.