SWT: Leading the way to a more ethical and sustainable sweetness

At a time when consumers are looking for the healthiest and most natural products on the market,  SWT offers you the chance to use our unique stevia blends, whose extraction process is 100% natural, without the use of any alcohol or additives.


At SWT, we believe in only using natural, non-GMO ingredients, and processing them with the respect that they deserve. Using our four-step, vertically integrated extraction process, we take the leaves from harvest to formulation and make sure that what you taste is the best that it can be.

Across the world, people are paying increased levels of attention to what goes into their meals. Awareness of the health problems caused by fats and sugars is causing those with a sweet tooth to look for other ways to get their sugar fix. On top of this, the sugars found in staple foods such as cereals, breads and drinks often leave the poorest with no choice but to eat unhealthy meals which have been designed for flavour, not nutrition.

As a result, healthy food is more popular than ever, but it isn’t always easy for consumers and businesses to know exactly what is in the food that they are buying, or how it is produced. Many brands, particularly producers and exporters who control the source of the supply chain, often don’t make the origins of their products clear. Worse still, many mislabel products – especially businesses in the sugar industry.

With this in mind, we have made it our mission at SWT to satisfy this demand for natural, healthy sweetness with cleanly-extracted, natural products. Growing our own crops in our own fields as well as long-term supply agreement with Engleby in Peru, we know exactly where every single leaf comes from, and we know exactly what has gone into growing it. Only our finest leaves are selected for harvest, meaning that SWT stevia is made with 100% quality in mind. Because we know what we grow, we can tell you exactly what is going into your products when you use SWT stevia. No flocculation, no crystallisation and no by-products mean that we can offer you nothing but the purest, highest quality of stevia extracts.

Our alcohol and enzyme-free extraction process is unlike any other. Using only low temperature water, we extract the sweetness from the leaves without any chemical assistance whatsoever – meaning that there is nothing but pure stevia in everything we create. This means that not only is our stevia delicious and pure – but that we also meet all FSCC 22.000 regulations and certifications. SWT it is also completely kosher and halal certified for those working with specialist product lines.

We purify our stevia using membranes and columns, as part of our certified full water production system – meaning that there is nothing in our stevia extracts except, well, extracted stevia.

The final step of our formulation process involves working with our customers to create the perfect product, made with their individual requirements in mind. This gives you the flavours you need, with the quality and guarantee that your consumers will love. Even better, our formulation uses only natural ingredients, unlike other leading brands. With SWT, you can relax, and know that you are guaranteed to enjoy the most natural stevia extractions on the market.

As if that wasn’t enough, our extraction process is one of the most sustainable in the industry, with only 0.23 tonnes of CO2 per ton of sweetness compared to traditional sugar crops. The energy we use in our production is 100% renewable (and we have the certification to prove it!). We are always looking for ways to improve, and we have worked tirelessly to reduce the amount of water in our operation, to under 50% of pre-2018 levels.

Our process has also helped us to extract 150% more sweetness from our stevia, and we are certified to the highest standards. Our completely natural, healthily sweet stevia extracts mean that whatever your product – from cakes, to ice cream, to marshmallows and beyond, SWT have the ideal flavour that you need for your products. Furthermore, we can give you an absolute guarantee that our products are everything that we say they are, providing you peace of mind as well as as great tasting, healthy, end product.

Making the switch to SWT means that not only are you providing better, more ethically produced ingredients, you’re also helping to meet the demands of customers across the globe. SWT stevia is so delicious because it is so natural – our flavours are the result of care at every stage of the production process. With a 0 GMO guarantee, you can be sure that SWT only produces genuine stevia, which we never genetically modify at any stage of the process.