SWT Stevia brings the healthy sweetness revolution to the UK

With the commencement of operations in our incredible, brand-new UK headquarters, SWT Stevia introduces a new market to the delicious taste of stevia and takes a huge leap towards transforming the health of the nation.


SWT Stevia are thrilled to announce our entry into the UK market with Burnley-based SWT UK labs. SWT is  working with local colleges, universities and suppliers to ensure that not only does fantastic, healthy sweetness cross the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, but that SWT are at the forefront of research into a better, more delicious future.

Access to the world-class scientific experience and facilities in the UK, coupled with our 100% natural, non-GMO stevia grown in South America is the perfect recipe for a new, ground-breaking type of healthy sweetness. With carbon footprints and sustainability becoming an ever more serious goal for businesses, the creation of amazing UK-created sugar substitutes has the potential to make a lasting difference to the food production landscape across the country.

Having created strong links with local facilities, SWT offers tangible changes to consumers across the country. As a company that is motivated by improving nutrition and providing health sweetness, the chance to meet Public Health England’s target of a 20% sugar reduction is an amazing opportunity.

While Stevia based solutions have become progressively known in the UK, the opportunity to demonstrate its ability to transform nutritionwith an excellent taste,  and to change lives is an incredibly exciting one. From school dinners to haute cuisine to bakery and beverages, there are a world of opportunities for the Great British people to discover. The conversation is moving not only towards how to make our food better, but how to make it more sustainable, and we believe that SWT offers the perfect solution to these questions.

We see SWT UK beyond what a sweetness supplier delivers. In an environment where small steps can make a big different, our interest in empowering the local community to succeed through a combination of fantastic, healthy sweetness and solid investment in an area with enormous potential provides everyone involved with the opportunity to thrive as part of a healthier future.