SWT: The healthiest way to enjoy an impossibly sweet, impossibly delicious treat

Everyone wants to eat that second piece of cake and to treat themselves to the extra scoop of ice cream. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the right decision when dealing with snack foods that are often high in sugars and fats. Impossibly sweet treats are usually impossibly unhealthy as well. With global awareness of issues surrounding sustainability, obesity and a desire to reduce sugar and fat content, it can be tricky to walk the line between traditional snacks and modern expectations of diet.


As if these consumer demands weren’t enough, there is also a renewed focus on the reduction of environmental damage and and increased desire for sustainability, despite evidence that consumers are largely unwilling to change their habits.

This puts pressure on food and beverage producers to change the way that we operate in order to meet these demands, while ensuring that there is no tangible difference to the family-favourite products that we bring to market.

Luckily, at SWT, we have developed an incredible, 100% natural, chemical and enzyme free stevia blend that has proven to be able to give you all of these things. Working in our laboratories and test kitchens, we have created sugar substitutes that produce the same effects as traditional sugars, without the negatives associated with high-sugar and high-calorie ingredients.

On average, we can help you remove over 90% simply by substituting the sugar in your goods for our stevia blends – before any further reformulation action is taken. The work that our bakery team has put in has paid off, and now SWT can help you to achieve near 0 added sugar on almost the entirety of your range of baked goods.

A fantastic example of this is our traditional lemon cake, where our team of SWT chefs have achieved a 29% reduction in calories thanks to the use of our Naturalysa Ice formulation and our reduced-fat butter, with 20% less fat and 22% less saturated fat as a result.

Using Naturalysa helped our SWT Brownies not only to have a 94% sugar reduction content, but also 13% less fats than compared to traditional brownies. A 22% reduction in cholesterol also demonstrates the fantastic applications of stevia as we move towards a healthier, but more delicious world.

Our SWT vanilla cookies boast 120 fewer calories per serving as a result of making the switch from sugar, and a combined fat reduction of 63.5% in addition to having 96% less sugar overall when compared to traditional formulations.

With the ability to reduce the calorie and sugar contents of popular products, you can take your product lines to the next level.

Of course, these changes to nutrition do not affect all the beneficial nutrients that are found in these products – so there is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by making the switch from cane sugar to stevia. We are not aware of any better way to reduce the sugar and fat content of your goods with absolutely no change to the flavour and texture.

Our laboratories have developed applications for stevia that go further than just cakes. Ice cream, marshmallows and even breakfast cereals can all benefits from a range of applications – improving crunch, shine, texture and maintain the structure that consumers love from your products. SWT can help you to achieve this while improving the nutritional values of your food overall.

It’s not just sugar that we can help you with either. By using SWT, we can help you to reduce your fat content across product lines as well, ensuring that the food that reaches supermarket shelves is delicious and nutritious – something not often seen in the current retail environment. This gives any producer using stevia instead of sugar an enormous advantage – literally straight out of the box.

Our drive for a better kind of food goes beyond the kitchen too.  All SWT products are sustainably produced and are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cane sugars.  Produced using renewable energy and processed exclusively using aqueous techniques, making SWT an essential part of your ingredients means a long-term commitment to supply chain sustainability.

Building a world in which sweetness is an opportunity to deliver health and naturalness to our loved ones in each meal, in each drink is the intrinsic mission of SWT Stevia. We sweeten the impossible.

SWT believes in building a world where every naturally delicious meal can deliver health and wellbeing. SWT Stevia, we sweeten the impossible.