The Origin of Sweetness

SWT completes more than five years of collaborations with Wageningen Food Innovation. Through different projects we advance each day in the exciting world of sweetness. Bringing SWT’s capabilities in the development of sweetening systems together with Wageningen’s extensive knowledge in receptor technology, biochemical and functional implications of sweetness in metabolism and in cellular tissues, our collaboration has allowed us to unravel the phenomenology of sweetness and design new sweetening systems which pursue the quality and healthiness of sweetness.

We remain curious and humble to learn every day, and ensure healthy sweetening systems are not restricted only by labeling laws, but by the need to understand the bases of healthy sweetness and deliver them in those products that sweeten the lives of children in different parts of the world. Knowledge that is based on science.

Day after day, our clients benefit from bold and in-depth research, facilitated by CORFO-Chile High Technology.